The concept of nature and history blending with modern times laid seed to the Flying Yak Kathmandu. This hotel fulfills the needs of the modern day traveler, yet keeping alive the history and culture of this nation rich in mountains. This beautiful nation rich in natural resources is tucked within the Himalayas including the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest.

The abdmoniable Yeti as we all know is a mytholocial character which is believed to be residing in the high Himalayas. No one has a record of the Yeti, yet this character has influenced so many stories with the locals as well as travelers alike. The sightings of Yeti was also believed in the medeival, during which period the city Kathmandu had under development of its culture and heritage. Likewise, our hotel Flying Yak Kathmandu has been able to merge the medeival history and architecture with the modern amenities. We have been keen to keep our rooms rich in mountain culture together with the modern facilities required for the travel of modern times. Our rooms are well equipped with air conditioners, hair dryer, private locker, hot/cold shower, hygenic drinking water and writing desk & chair.

Our hotel also has dormitory to accomodate travelers who are traveling on a budget. Our dorm rooms accomodates travelers and has the facilities of private locker, private reading light, air conditioners in room, hot/cold shower, seperate sitting room, hygenic drinking water, bathroom and free wifi. You can meet new people and share your travel stories with other travelers.

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